Conveyor Belts

Custom design of transport tapes for workspaces. It is done from the distribution of space to the final installation.

Modification of the distribution of the work room, to distribute 4 machines in the form of “H”, leaving inside a space for the cassette machine and encelofanadora, in order to achieve a better organization.

With a simple twist on the tape barrier, you can send the containers from any filling line to the center of the room.


  • All the tapes are equipped with control panel to work independently.
  • The speed of the tapes is controlled by electronic variator.
  • All the tapes carry the necessary elements for the transfer of cans and mechanical barriers for the selection of the direction of the containers.
  • The tapes of 5 meters, have installed tables of work in both sides, of 200 mm of width, for the manipulation of the containers, manufactured in sheet satinado of inox.
  • The work belts have a sensor for the parts counter.
  • All tapes have timed stop for energy saving.
  • Emergency mushrooms are installed, according to safety regulations.


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